Saturday, August 1, 2009

Rambutan lime juice

rambutan and lime juice

Today was such a lazy day. We had a late night yesterday; we joined some friends for dinner at B and A's house - lots of food, drinks and laughter. I wish I had brought my camera because I love taking pictures of parties. B made farro with roasted vegetables. It was my first time with farro and it was a very pleasant meeting. We slept in and were almost late for a brunch with D & M. More good food. On the way home, we stopped by the supermarket where I was delighted to chance upon some rambutans! There were also fresh and frozen whole durians, but I restrained myself and bought only the rambutans.

Back in Singapore, I had so much fun when friends from different parts of the world came to visit. The sights were secondary, food was paramount. This includes the wonderful array of tropical fruits. I always found it funny to describe rambutans - a red fruit with a hairy skin. Ugh. In Malay, "rambut" means hair so it's not the most appetizing sounding fruit. But my friends were always won over when they tasted it. Firm white flesh, sweet and juicy.

When we got home, I made lime juice with some simple syrup and limes. Then I peeled and seeded a few of the rambutans and dropped them into the lime juice. It's a drink with chunks! The sweetness of the rambutans balanced the tartness of the lime and it made for a refreshing drink. We kept the rest of the rambutans in the fridge and ate them when they were cold - perfect for a hot summer.

rambutan and lime juice

rambutan and lime juice


Skippetty said...

WOW! Looks GREAT! Wish I had you as a neighbour leh... Never would've thought to mix lime with rambutan but what a brilliant idea... I think I'll do that for dessert tonight. :)

high over happy said...

So you can get rambutans easily in Australia huh - so lucky. I was thinking of putting some mint leaves in the drink, but didn't have any.

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