Saturday, October 10, 2009

Empty dishes

eid dishes

Let's see. 50 shallots, 8 onions, 30 garlic cloves, 8 pounds beef, 5 pounds shrimps, various amounts of cabbage, water spinach, long beans, tofu, tempe, carrots, jicama, potatoes and eggs. I think these dishes will not remain empty for long. And labels are very important. Then you'll know where everything goes!


maybelle's mom said...

well, a lot of those names are unfamiliar, so I will take a little more than those labels *hint*hint* post those dishes.

jordan. said...

And all of those plates did indeed get filled...and it was glorious!

high over happy said...

maybelle's mom - pictures now included. individual pics and recipes will follow. eventually :)

jordan - thanks for coming!

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