Friday, September 4, 2009

Shoreline Park

shoreline 2

With the hot spell and the fasting (14 down and 15 to go!), we have not explored any new hikes recently. But being cooped up indoors is not an option. Despite the heat, I went for a walk at Shoreline Park. It is close to home and is one of my favorite walks. No, not because it is completely flat (well, that is one of the reasons) but there is open space for miles. As someone who grew up in a concrete jungle, I just want to grab all that elbow room, stuff it in my bag and release it whenever I am in cramped quarters again. Here, I can see the Santa Cruz mountains in the west, the Diablo range in the east and the air above in the middle. Paved trails snake through the estuary which provides a habitat for plenty of shorebirds. Egrets, wrens, sandpipers and schools of pelicans. So I can go my own and not be alone.

shoreline 4

shoreline 5

shoreline 6

shoreline 10

shoreline 9


Renovation Therapy said...

I love egrets! In Orlando they sleep in the trees at night and they look like great big flowers or ornaments dotting the tree. I make my Fiance nuts because I have to stand and stare for a long time. LOL

jordan. said...

Fabulous pictures.

high over happy said...

RT - Deal, the egrets for your chandelier :)

J - danke :)

Anonymous said...

Looks so serene.

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