Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Haberdashery - Obituaries

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In my collection of obituaries, my favorite is the one Christopher Hitchens wrote about Edward Said. Why can't all obits be like it instead of the staid, list-like articles?

Perhaps it's because the Brits and Americans write their obituaries differently and I am reading the wrong publications for my obituary-fix.

Good read of obituaries from a now-defunct quarterly magazine - Good Bye! I like the one of Stephen Jay Gould - I've read all his books and didn't even know he had passed.

A collection of obituaries by McG is on my Amazon wishlist.

I'd love, love to attend a Great Obituary Writers' Conference. Especially after reading an article of what goes on during the conference, for example, a discussion of "How many ways can one say 'died'?".


Anonymous said...

Hi HoH,

Fantastic pictures, and a quality Blog !



Danielle said...

Hmm. Let me try to answer that last question:
"passed on"
"kicked the bucket"
"fell into an endless sleep"
"took his/her last breath"

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