Monday, August 10, 2009

When sambal belacan means she loves me


See that container with the masking tape wrapped around its cover? It's chockfull of sambal belacan my mum made from one kilo of fresh red serrano chilies and flown more than 8000 miles in the good hands of our friend R. I redistributed it into smaller containers - one goes into the fridge and the rest go into the freezer for future use. I think I know what's for dinner tonight.



Skippetty said...

Eh? How did she get that through customs, is that even allowed? ;p

high over happy said...

Yes! They only disallow raw plants, fruits and seeds - stuff that you can cultivate in the soil. Australia is more strict I think.

Shu Han said...

wow that is one massive batch of sambal belachan! would you post a recipe for that one day? (: i've seen versions with lemongrass and candlenuts and galangal but also some plainer ones with chillies and belachan that's all I've what are the "must have" in this? It's hard getting hold of Ingredients in London ): that said, your sambal olek i definitely can make! thanks for sharing!!

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