Monday, August 24, 2009



*picture from dee & ricky

Usually when I call my 6-year old nephew, he is playing a video game - either on Wii or Playstation. But last night, he was actually playing with his Lego set. Yes, he built a gun with his Lego bricks only because he is right now obsessed with the James Bond game he plays on Wii and fascinated with 007's guns. But at least he was away from the TV. It's been awhile since I played with those bricks myself, so I googled "Lego" to see what I could find:

Maybe this is more my speed? Lego in the kitchen - stackable containers.

Or Lego to accessorize with.

Lego advertisements.

Forget Disneyland. When my nephew and niece visit, we are going to Legoland.

This has to be my favorite - a pictorial Lego essay.

Totally unrelated to Lego, but a pretty cool video - tracking an adventure through the growth of his beard (via Loobylu):

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