Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Orange and Milo jelly


I had made a spice cake for dessert for a dinner party, but it seemed a little heavy for a hot summer day. We had oranges and Milo - the latter is a pantry staple at home. So I squeezed the oranges for juice, put it on heat with some agar-agar powder and cooled it in a jelly mold. Repeat with Milo and pour it over the cooled orange agar-agar. I added some blueberries and it made for a refreshing dessert - proving once again that orange and chocolate are a sure-win combination. If you decide to try this, taste the orange juice. I used organic Valencia oranges which are pleasantly tart. I liked it, but if you want to cut down on the tartness, add a little sugar. Or, for a short-cut, use store-bought orange juice (yes, it's allowed). If I may recommend, unsweetened iced tea accompanies this dessert wonderfully.




Mom Walds Place said...

Lovely dessert and lovely glasses. You're a cook and an artist!

Anonymous said...

yum! I think I can manage this one! But did you used the stick agar agar or the powder kind?

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