Sunday, May 2, 2010

Exit Through The Gift Shop

S and I don't go to movies often and I take the blame for that. In the last couple of years, whenever I am in a cinema sitting in front of that big screen, I am likely to fall asleep. Yes, even with all that technicolor and surround sound going on, I get so relaxed, I am lulled into dreamland within 20 minutes of opening credits. If you have an explanation for this phenomenon, please share.

But I really wanted to watch this documentary (or "mockumentary"?) by Banksy and did not want to wait for the DVD. And yay, I enjoyed all 87 minutes eyes wide open. Touted as "The world's first Street Art disaster movie", the movie lives up to its hype. It does not have a mass distribution, but catch it in an independent film cinema near you. My advice – don't read anything about the movie before you watch it so that you won't have any pre-conceived ideas. But here are a few related articles that won't spoil your viewing:

Banksy in San Francisco?

White-washing over a Banksy.

I'd change the name of my band too if Banksy asked (and if I had a band).

Banksy - a list of controversies.

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