Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Vintage Crochet Blanket

crochet blanket white turquoise 1

Ever since we had our own home, I have fallen into the trap of "collecting". Wooden carved animals? Check. Pretty tins? Check. Vintage cake stands? Check. Globes? Check. I need to join "Collector Anonymous."

My latest obsession is the crochet blanket. I love the look of the stitches, the texture and most of all, how it adds a homely look to an otherwise a bland decor of our home. I recently acquired this white blanket with dark aquamarine circles because it matched the colors of our bedroom perfectly.

crochet blanket white turquoise 2

crochet blanket white turquoise 3

And more importantly, Dexter likes it because the color matches his eyes.

crochet blanket white turquoise 4


Lisa said...

pretty blanket...did you make it?

high over happy said...

I wish! Found it at an estate sale.

Victoria said...

That is a really nice blanket, gives your room a nice retro touch.

Anonymous said...

What a lovely blanket! So much so, I've attempted to make it just from the pictures. Which reminds me, thank you for taking a close up shot! :)

amanda said...

I was wondering if you could take a picture of the other side..I am trying to locate this very unique pattern?

amanda said...

what I am wondering is...does the other side look identical to this side or does it have yarn ridges?

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