Sunday, October 11, 2009

Our Hari Raya Lunch With Friends

hari raya 3

hari raya 1

Left to right, top to bottom:

ketupat (rice cake), begedil (potato patties), rendang (malay beef dish)

emping belinjo (padi oat crackers), peanut sauce, sambal tumis udang & telur burung (prawn & quail egg sambal tumis)

sayur lodeh (malay vegetable curry), gado-gado (Indonesian vegetable salad)

hari raya 2

For dessert, kek lapis (layered cake), biskut gajus (cashew cookie), kek buah (fruit cake)

I had the lofty ambition of accompanying this post with individual pictures of the food I prepared and their recipes. But when you are cooking 5 dishes for 30 people, it leaves little time to pick-up the camera. The real feat was not the cooking, but squeezing 30 people into our apartment! I plan cook the dishes again (just not all at the same time), and post pictures and recipes soon. So tired now, but happy that we fed so many people!


maybelle's mom said...

eid mubarak. thanks for the index of dishes--now i can really appreciate your feast.

alia said...

Wow! I'm especially loving the sambal tumis udang and kek lapis prune:))

Aleta said...

Wow! What an impressive spread! My father is much the same when he cooks, he cooks a lot with a variety of meats and vegetables. Lovely pictures.

pigpigscorner said...

wow what a feast!

D said...

Thanks for yesterday's feast, it was too sumptuous for words! We loved the food so much we had leftovers for dinner :D

high over happy said...

Thanks all. It was a lovely day. Food is best when it's shared :)

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