Thursday, October 15, 2009

Learning a new Spanish word


Whew. I had my first Spanish test for this term, today. While studying for it, I wanted to look up a word in the sentence, 'Había salido con mi amigo que estaba con su novia y yo estaba viajando en la parte de atrás del auto.' The word I wanted to search was 'salido', and this is what I found in an online Spanish-English dictionary — see words circled in blue:

spanish - salido

Interesting. Before you ask what kind of Spanish I am studying, the full translation of the sentence is, "I had left with my friend who was with his girlfriend and I was traveling in the back of the car." 'Salido' is the past participle of 'salir' which means to 'to leave'. Who knew it is also the Spanish word for "horny bugger'.

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D said...

Well, one could say that the friend (or the car) is the horny bugger ;)

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