Saturday, October 17, 2009

Haberdashery - Earthquake Readiness


This was the headline of the supplement of the San Francisco Chronicle 20 years ago today when the Loma Prieta earthquake struck the Bay Area. This anniversary, and the recent spate of earthquakes in Asia and in the Bay Area, serves as a grim reminder of the need to be prepared. Since I moved to the Bay Area two and a half years ago, I have experienced two minor earthquakes. Each time, I only realized that it was an earthquake when it was over; in fact, during the second earthquake, I thought the trembling was caused my cat scratching the couch (hey, he is a hefty cat).

S and I have an earthquake emergency pack but it is about expire, so I am researching for our next pack. I am planning to put one together instead of buying the pre-packed kit. Besides water, food and medical supplies, I am also looking at these crank radio and cyalume sticks.

crank radio & cyalume stick

If you are interested in making your own kit, try this list from the San Francisco Chronicle. Or you can buy the emergency packs online.

San Francisco just had a major earthquake drill on Octover 15. The website by the city has useful suggestions such as designating an out-of-area contact person. Long distance phone service is often restored sooner than local service.

You can attend training sessions to learn basic emergency skills.

211 is the number you can dial during emergencies to obtain information. It is the number that has been set aside by the Federal Communications Commission for the public to easily access community information.

Don't forget about your pets! You can buy emergency kits for them too. We are, erm, just putting extra cat food in our kit for Dexter and will keep track of its expiry date.


LL said...

while you are at it...mind making one for us!

high over happy said...

does Tobie eat cat food? :)

ll said...

I am sure he would not mind. He might eat the cat too if you pack him. LOL

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