Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Happy Teachers' Day!


I just wanted to wish my sister and sister-in-law a Happy Teachers' Day which falls today, 1st September. Teaching runs in the my family - 3 of my mum's siblings are teachers, as are 3 cousins. My mum always wished one of her children would become a teacher, so my sister made her very happy when she graduated from teachers' college. My parents had a lot of respect for our teachers' when we were in school, and they made sure we had the right level of deference. This is not always the case today, which is a pity, don't you think?

Some links related to teaching:

A study that shows a teacher's success (measured by her students' scores) improves when she gets better colleagues.

Slate used to have a diary column which followed someone in a week of his life. Here is one of a teacher.

A blog about using new technology in the classroom.

Online tools from onceateacher.

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alia said...

thank you big sister. i will definitely forward the link to the research studies to my colleagues;)

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